Why Wait Another


Providing you the opportunity to focus
on the bigger picture.

Our Process



A customized plan will be developed to best manage your transaction. Any information packets that you normally send to your clients can easily be adapted into your plan.



Login to access and “start a transaction” easily through our built-in forms. Any information and documents can be uploaded directly via our secure on-line system.



A transaction coordinator will be assigned your file, communicate on your behalf and begin managing the workflow until closing.



All transaction documents will be sent to the appropriate parties. Any additional notes or activity history received by our team will be uploaded into the clients e-file after settlement to meet compliance standards.

Simplify Your Workflow

We take care of all of the communications with the client, update all parties as to the status of the transaction, and making
sure all of the paperwork is completed correctly and on time so you don't have to.

Free Up Time

Delegate your transaction process and free up your time from the paperwork, phone calls, emails and other unproductive tasks. This leaves you free to focus on maintaining your client relationships without unnecessary interruptions and distractions

Nurture Your Pipeline

Spend more time nurturing and building your pipeline with the extra hours you will save by delegating the workflow process to our coordinators.

Improve Client Satisfaction

Your clients will appreciate the extra dedication you are able to give them as you can rest assured that we will provide professional service and communication

Increase Sales

With an average time savings of 15 hours per deal you can focus on converting more leads and closing more deals. If that gives you even one additional unit per month that’s... 12 more satisfied clients! Hmm...

Parties We Communicate With
 Open communication with all transaction parties so that everyone is in the “loop”.
  • Buyers

  • Sellers

  • Agents

  • Attorneys

  • Lenders

  • Title Companys

  • Inspectors

  • Contractors

Transaction Management
Some of the services provided by your transaction coordinator
  • Introduce our role to transaction parties involved

  • Verify Contract of Sale signatures, initials, dates and contingencies

  • Confirm home inspection schedule with sellers

  • Confirm seller response has been sent

  • Distribute all receipts and certificates to other transaction parties

  • Discuss “moving” procedures – utilities notification, broom-clean home, postal services, etc

  • Notify clients of settlement time, date and location

  • Track deed & affidavit progress

  • Track CO & CCO inspections

  • Obtain and Upload all reports, receipts and other documents into your storage platform

  • Confirm repair request submitted

  • Confirm mortgage application sent/received by lender

  • Confirm/coordinate appraisal inspection

  • Notify buyer to secure home insurance

  • Track title and survey